Growing up around a variety of computers and electronics, I have become quite comfortable working with any electrical or mechanical device. I find that I end up repairing broken items such as keyboards, laptops, televisions, phones, radios, rather than subscribing to society's "disposable" mentality.  I also enjoy applying logical and methodical troubleshooting to most obstacles in my life. I suppose I was born to do what I do, and I love it.

    I have over a decade of professional experience in the IT field covering a wide variety of software and hardware. I am familiar with the desktop and server operating systems of Microsoft, Linux and Macintosh varieties on both on Intel and PowerPC hardware. My software package familiarity is very diverse and I am able to pick up new technology and software very quickly. Due to this aptitude, I am able to diversify my knowledge when the need arises and become a more valuable asset (and SME in some cases) for the company at which I am employed.

    I enjoy following ever changing technologies. I have a home network of 7+ systems (not including virtual machines) that keeps my computer administration knowledge honed and allows me to discover new software that I find interesting or potentially time saving.

    Operating primarily on common sense in my personal and work life, I find that the obvious answer is generally the best answer. This is true of my style in troubleshooting, documenting processes and programming. If you can reduce the size of your problem in small increments by eliminating items you know do not require attention then you have a more specific set of data from which to work. I thrive on identifying and creating time saving processes to simplify tasks, save time and manpower.